Neil Frame 07/01/70

Goodman City

If you wanted to dine at the one of the best American steakhouses in London, you might be forgiven for assuming that Goodman – a Russian-owned steak restaurant – might not exactly be “up there”.

But making an assumption like this would be nothing if not an extremely efficient method of failing to enjoy some of the best restaurants which London – one of the world’s ultimate cultural melting pots – has to offer.

Restaurants like, um, Goodman.

The key points to know here are as follows:

1). Goodman’s steaks are amazing.

2). Being a British version of a New York grill, the beef in question comes from both sides of the Atlantic – from USDA ‘Prime’ corn-fed herds and grass-fed Scottish beef to grain-fed Irish Angus and rare breed Belted Galloway from Devon.

3). Sandwiching your steak on either side are starters like slow-cooked pork belly and Irish smoked salmon, and desserts like frozen peanut parfait with raspberry coulis.

4). Goodman’s steaks are amazing.

5). The staff here are universally hospitable, and will treat you in almost exactly the way you’d like to be treated every time you eat out: with care, attention (but not too much) and friendliness.

6). Goodman’s steaks are amazing.

Have fun…


NOTE: Goodman City is open weekdays noon-10.30pm, and Saturdays 5.30-10.30pm. You can book a table right HERE.

Goodman City | 11 Old Jewry, London EC2R 8DU

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Goodman City

11 Old Jewry, Bank, The City, EC2R 8DU

020 7600 8220

8.0 | Great