Talisa Dean 11/11/16

Heap’s Sausage Deli

Heap’s Sausage Deli | Gourmet Bangers

Heap’s Sausage Deli is a little misleadingly named.

It’s actually mostly made from brick.

But inside they specialise in delicious, good ol’ fashioned sausages. And you’re guaranteed some serious bang for your, well, bangers. You’ll find it on a small side street in Greenwich, sitting opposite the theatre. It’s quite petite inside, but there is room to perch, with a couple of awning-shaded tables outside to boot.

Heap's Sausage Café

All of Heap’s sausages are made fresh onsite, and you can even catch a glimpse of the small butchery and kitchen at the back of the shop. There’s a fantastic variety of meats and spices shoved into stomach lining and each one cuts the mustard – which is also local and available as a side with mash, beetroot and cabbage, swede and parsnip, and, for the millennials out there, plenty of avocado.

Fancy something spicy? Try a Lethal Lucifer. How about a seafood sausage? That’ll be a Billingsgate Banger then. If you’re after something a little more exotic, the merguez all-lamb sausage should scratch that itch. And of course there’s a classic hot dog, or a sausage roll, or a less-traditional ‘sausage on a stick’. If it’s a sausage, it’s here.

Heap's Sausage Café

Of course, you can buy some sausages to take away either from the kitchen or the butchery counter. If you’re opting for the latter, you can expect to see their extremely varied selection of bangers, from their flagship No.1 sausage spiced with nutmeg, mace, and coriander, to standouts stuffed with the likes of apple & wildflower honey, chestnut & bacon, prune & cognac, or smoked bacon & herbs.

A great spot for breakfast, or a more hearty lunch, it has the feel of Old Greenwich about it and you won’t be disappointed with the grub.


NOTE: Heap’s Sausage Deli is open now. You can find out more and see their full retail sausage menu at their website right HERE.

Heap’s Sausage Deli | 8 Nevada Street, Greenwich, SE10 9JL

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Heap’s Sausage Deli

8 Nevada Street, Greenwich, SE10 9JL

0208 293 9199

8.0 | Great