Hicce | Wood-Fired British / Japanese / Norwegian Food In A Lovely Space

Café Murano's head chef is getting her own spot...


Hicce | Central London Restaurant

Pip Lacey, the former head chef at Café Murano, has moved on to newer pastures.

And there’s been a Hicce up in her plans.

Specifically, Hicce; her debut self-run restaurant. It’ll be centred around a wood-fired grill upon which her and her team will cook up a menu of British food with a Japanese/Norwegian twist.

Although Lacey and her collaborative business partner Gordon McIntyre haven’t quite landed on a site yet, the restaurant will be in Central London somewhere, and they’re running a supperclub this weekend at Louie Louie to preview the style of food they’re planning on serving; you can expect a simple three-course affair starting with soy sake squid, moving onto grilled buttermilk chicken with savoy cabbage, green chilli & daikon, and finishing with chocolate mousse with hazelnut & cranberry. Altogether now…

Hicce, Hicce, hooray.

NOTE: Hicce is due to open in 2018. We’ll be back with the full scoop when it does. In the meantime, you can keep up with the developments at Pip Lacey’s Twitter account right HERE.

OTHER NOTE: If you want to head down to that supperclub, you can get a ticket right HERE.


Like the sound of this place? Then head on down to Café Murano

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