Hicce | Wood-Fired British / Japanese / Norwegian Food In A Lovely Space

Café Murano's head chef is getting her own spot...


Hicce | Central London Restaurant

Pip Lacey, the former head chef at Café Murano, has moved on to newer pastures.

And there’s been a Hicce up in her plans.

Specifically, Hicce; her debut self-run restaurant. It’ll be centred around a wood-fired grill upon which her and her team will cook up a menu of British food with a Japanese/Norwegian twist.

Although Lacey and her collaborative business partner Gordon McIntyre haven’t quite landed on a site yet, the restaurant will be in Central London somewhere, and they’re running a supperclub this weekend at Louie Louie to preview the style of food they’re planning on serving; you can expect a simple three-course affair starting with soy sake squid, moving onto grilled buttermilk chicken with savoy cabbage, green chilli & daikon, and finishing with chocolate mousse with hazelnut & cranberry…

NOTE: Hicce is due to open later this year – in the meantime, you can keep up with the developments at Pip Lacey’s Twitter account right HERE.

OTHER NOTE: If you want to head down to that supperclub, you can get a ticket right HERE.


Like the sound of this place? Then head on down to Café Murano

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