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Hattie Lloyd 04/01/22

Hill & Szrok

Hill & Szrok | Broadway Market Butcher & Cookshop

Whoever said that men can’t multi task was both:

1) Correct, however,

2) Unfamiliar with the concept of prioritising.

hill & szrok

Because by day, Broadway Market‘s local organic butchers, Hill & Szrok, are just that; a butcher. But by night, their centrepiece white marble chopping block is wiped clean, set for 12 communal covers, laid with candles, wine and crockery, and graciously attended to by Luca Mathiszig-Lee. He, along with butcher Tom Richardson Hill and chef Alex Szrok, then devises a blackboard menu based on a small selection of classic and less common cuts sourced sustainably from small English countryside farms. Meaning that they can both tell you exactly where your food has come from, but also meaning that their menu changes every day depending on availability. It does however, usually look something like this:

Main: three cuts of steak, lamb racks, duck breast, thick cut chops, spit roasted pork leg, house cured bacon sausages, hearts, tongues and tails.

Dessert: Cheese. And more wine.

Hill & Szrok pork with crackling

It’s cozy, intimate, relaxed and moreover, it allows you see exactly where your meat comes from AND talk directly to the chefs who prepare it. Who will likely tell you that the tradition of cookshop butchers can be traced back to the 15th Century; that they were the almost undisputed origins of modern day restaurants; and that Hill & Szrok is the only one in London now in existence.

Not bad for three non-multitaskers.


NOTE: Hill & Szrok is open as a butcher daily, and for dinner Tuesday – Saturday. You can find out more, and book a seat, HERE.

ALSO NOTE: The team have also opened another butcher’s, Stella’s – only this time, evenings are dedicated to DJs, natural wine and charcuterie…

Hill & Szrok | 60 Broadway Market, London Fields, E8 4QJ

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Hill & Szrok

60 Broadway Market, London Fields, Bethnal Green, East London, E8 4QJ

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