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Honest Burgers

Honest Burgers

Honest Burgers | Soho Restaurant

“The secret to success in business is honesty. So learn to fake it ASAP”.

Pubert Von-Winkle, Winner of 7 International Awards for Honesty. 

You’re guaranteed to yawn on 87% of the occasions that you see someone else doing the same.

It’s just one of those physical reactions that you have little conscious control over, like indiscriminately reacting to any sentence which begins with the word “honestly….” by shouting,

“You’re a liar”.

So, given that there’s actual science behind this, nobody will be surprised if you instinctively raise a cynical eyebrow at the name of new Soho burger joint “Honest Burgers”.

Everyone will, however, be very surprised if you keep it raised, because A) the place is amazing, and B) it really hurts to try and keep an eyebrow raised for too long.

While excited Londoners have been queuing to buy novelty burgers from food trucks with four Michelin tyres, Honest Burgers have been building a massive reputation in Brixton (home to their first restaurant) for producing what might actually be London’s best burger.


In addition to a daily special, their simple menu – featuring entirely British produce – offers a choice of either a free-range chicken burger or a beef burger (with the option of adding melted cheddar, red Leicester or stilton, and/or smoked bacon).

Unlike the mind-raping interiors found at Meat Liquor, Honest Burgers’ Soho outpost is cool, minimalist and clean with white-washed walls, exposed filament light bulbs and several tables outside in the quiet Soho retreat that is Meard St.

No fuss or pretension, just genuinely great burgers.

NOTE: “Never Eat Shredded Wheat”.  Especially if you’re a coeliac. Rejoice! Honest Burgers serve gluten-free buns. Find out more on their website HERE.

Honest Burgers | 4A Meard Street, W1F 0EF

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Honest Burgers

4A Meard Street, Soho, Soho, Central London, W1F 0EF


7 / 10

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