Welcome back to invisibility class.

To be honest, we’re disappointed to see so many of you here.

So instead, today’s lesson will be on Spitalfields restaurants hurling hunks of top quality meat onto hickory-smoking barbecues in dimly lit, blues-blasting, elbow-jostling dining rooms.

Your case study: Hotbox.

Taking up residence in a roomy space filled with communal seating, exposed brickwork and the occasional flash of neon, Hotbox is another pop-up-to-permanent success story. ‘Pitmaster’ Lewis Spencer plied his wares at Hawker House before landing a permanent spot on Commercial Street, a stone’s throw from Som Saa and The Culpeper.


What’s special about Hotbox is that they not only promise the kind of orgiastic, charred meaty feast that American dreams are made of; they’re also really good at it. Platters of various cuts and meats, each demanding different treatment in their 1 tonne, oak and hickory fired rotisserie smoker, arrive with each component perfectly executed, tender and smoky.

Diving into the starters, you’ll build a banquet of buffalo wings with truffle blue cheese, battered soft shell crab sliders; mutton tacos and glazed pork belly. Pause for a gulp of Hotbox lager. For mains, there’s burgers and prime cuts of beef, or the all-out Smoked Selection, bringing you a glut of sticky St. Louis pork ribs; smoked jalapeño chicken thigh; pulled pork; sliced rib and a hotlink sausage. Pause for a slug of malbec. Then, should there be a crevice of space in your stomach remaining unfilled, you can fill it with deep fried oreos, slathered in chocolate sauce and Christmas pudding ice cream. Pause for a sneaky fidget…

…That’s a mix of demerara rum, amaro, almond syrup and lime. Get your mind out the gutter.


NOTE: Hotbox is open for bottomless brunch Tuesday-Sunday, and dinner Tuesday-Saturday. You can find out more, and book a table, HERE.

ALSO NOTE: You can now find Hotbox at Market Halls Fulham, too.

Hotbox | 46-48 Commercial Street, E1 6LT

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46-48 Commercial Street, Spitalfields, E1 6LT
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