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Huckster | Paddington Street Food Canteen

Last Updated: 25th June 2019

A huckster is someone who plies their wares from a street-side stall.

And this one’s got the goods.

Bedding down in Paddington Central, it’s a vast street food hub-meets-nightclub that’s filling a multi-level, ’80s Manhattan-inspired space with its own exclusive street food stalls.

You’ll walk into what feels like a warehouse airlifted over from the Meatpacking district, lined with graffitied walls, retro artwork and exposed pipework overhead; shepherding your companions past vendors slinging burger patties onto sizzling hot plates and weaving through Bladerunner-style neon signage towards your own private area which, being the wise connoisseur you are, you booked ahead.


Taking a seat, you’ll bop your head to the DJ’s 80s-heavy soundtrack and take stock of your surroundings; which, depending on your tastes, might resemble a private Chinatown-themed retreat with a fridge full of Moët; a karaoke room inspired by Studio 54; a graffitied party booth inside a vintage subway car; a suspended, fire exit style mezzanine overhanging the dance floor; or the room with no name, which is called The Room With No Name.

After which, you’ll venture back out to the main space to take a recce of the vendors, who include the Crooked Peel Pizza Co, serving NYC-style sourdough pizzas topped with combinations like goat’s cheese, roast fig, pine nuts and manuka honey; Mofo Chicken, who plate up spicy buffalo chicken wings with a blue cheese dip; and Wonton Willy‘s bowls of classic wonton soup. Then there’s True Burgers, challenging their namesake with the unreal Mac’n’Patty – a burger sandwiching both a beef patty and a slab of mac ‘n’ cheese; Rumbl, serving chips seasoned with chicken skin dust and chimichurri mayo, and Bubble Gods, who load Hong Kong-style bubble waffle wraps with ice cream, miniature oreos and caramel sauce.

And with all that on board, you’ll be more than primed to check out the cocktail list packed with twists on old classics; like the Pisco Cosmopolitan, Kaffir Lime Mojito and Burnt Orange Espresso Martini. But if you want to test your mettle, you can go all in and try the High Society (a potent combo of vodka, vermouth and cointreau topped with an absinthe float) that you can only order twice in one night.

In case the green fairy makes you feel a little green, too.


NOTE: Huckster is open Monday-Saturday. You can book a space and find out more on their website right HERE.

Huckster | 4 Kingdom Street, Paddington Central, W2 6AE

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4 Kingdom Street, Paddington, West London, W2 6AE


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