Koya City | An Intimate New Noodle Spot in the Heart of The City

Koya City

Koya City

Here’s something to wrap your noodle around.

Soho’s modest, traditional udon den Koya Bar has now got a sophomore follow up in the glitzy new Bloomberg Arcade development, rubbing shoulders with Caravan City and a new eatery from Gymkhana.

It’s a much bigger space (which is good news, as it’s still walk-in only), decked out with the same Japanese minimalist charm, with countertop dining by the open kitchen, traditional noren curtains, and a wash of specially sourced blue ceramic tiles across the floor.

In the mornings, you can now casually swing by for a Full English Breakfast udon, with egg, bacon and shiitake mushrooms; or kippers with poached egg, buttery rice and miso soup. And as the day wears on, you’ll be able to get hold of their signature udon bowls bearing fresh, handmade noodles, alongside new dishes like tonkatsu (breaded pork with a fruit miso sauce) and a vegetable kakiage tempura udon. Besides this daily menu, they’re also plating up a blackboard of seasonal specials from chef Shuko Oda, like clams, broad beans and capers steamed in dashi butter.

Drinks-wise, you can wash down this noodle feast with a list of top-notch sakes, or take a dip into the seasonal cocktail list created by Tony Conigliaro’s Drink Factory.

After all, these noodles are udon, not soba.


NOTE: Koya City is open daily for breakfast through to dinner. You can find out more, and make a booking at their website right HERE

Koya City | 10-12 Bloomberg Arcade, EC4N 8AR

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Koya City

10-12 Bloomberg Arcade, Cannon Street, The City, EC4N 8AR


8 / 10

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