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Kyseri | Fitzrovia Turkish Pasta Restaurant

It’s something of a mystery why London hasn’t had a dedicated Turkish pasta restaurant yet…

…but Kyseri has now filled that void.

From the people behind Oklava (which, along with Yosma is one of London’s preeminent Turkish restaurants), this sister joint is in Fitzrovia, and sports the same kind of plush-yet-casual interior as its sibling. The menu, as you might expect, is dominated by…



They’re serving two types of pasta. The first is manti, popular throughout Turkey and the whole near-East. They’re small dumpling-style stuffed pasta bundles with fillings including beef, chickpea, mushroom, and more. Here they come with traditional garlic yoghurt, and tomato chilli butter sauces.

The second type of pasta is the eriste, which is like “a broken tagliatelle”. It’s traditionally made with walnuts, feta, garlic, and parsley, but they’re promising a more elaborate version of that.

And of course… there’s raki.

NOTE: You can find out more about Kyseri, and make a booking at their website HERE.

Kyseri | 64 Grafton Way, Fitzrovia, W1T 5DN

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64 Grafton Way, Fitzrovia, Central London, W1T 5DN


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