Lao Cafe | London's First Restaurant To Serve Authentic Laotian Cuisine

Lao Cafe

Lao Cafe

Lao Café | Covent Garden Laotian Restaurant

You know Laos.

It’s that country in Southeast Asia that looks like they just photocopied a smaller version of Vietnam. The one with excellent national cuisine that, somehow, hasn’t had a dedicated London restaurant serving it.

Until now.

Because thanks to the head chef and founder of Rosa’s Thai Café, Saiphin Moore, the appropriately named Lao Cafe has landed in the Big Smoke, doing so in Covent Garden of all places.

Hey, didn’t they do a popup in early 2016 that had queues out the doors from day one?

Yes, yes they did. And now they’re here to stay in a permanent home, with bright graffiti artistry on the walls, patterned tile flooring and rustic wooden seating, which is also, thankfully, permanent.

I love permanent seating. So what’s Laotian cuisine all about?

Glad you asked. Drawing from neighbouring countries Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam as well as its history as a former French colony, Laos is a hotpot of fusion, Southeast Asian cooking. Which makes it entirely appropriate that core dishes include actual hotpots alongside sticky-rice and chargrilled meat and fish.

Sounds good. Can you be more specific?

Yes, actually. At Lao Café they’ll be serving up dishes like Pla Pao Gluer, salt-grilled whole fish with aubergine chilli dip and vermicelli noodles, and Hoi Dong, a pickled clam and papaya salad. There’s also the Asian sausage soop (not soup, salad) and, for the particularly adventurous, Om Hed, a mixed mushroom soup (actual soup) with ants’ eggs (actual ants’ eggs).

Just don’t say it too loudly, everyone will want them…

NOTE: Lao Café is open daily from 12pm and takes reservations for 6 or more people.

Lao Café | 60 Chandos Place, WC2N 4HG



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Lao Cafe

60 Chandos Place, Covent Garden, Central London, WC2N 4HG

020 3740 4748


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