Nuno Mendes Is Opening A Three Storey "Love Letter To Lisbon"

Nuno Mendes has done a lot for the London dining scene.

From the highly innovative Loft Project, to the Michelin Starred Viajante, to the celebrity magnet Chiltern Firehouse, to the also Michelin Starred Mãos, his kitchens have been the training grounds for half of the great chefs working in half the great restaurants in the city today.

And now he’s back with another project.

This one’s going to be “A love letter to Lisbon”, and the address on the front of the envelope will be a three story townhouse on Charlotte Street. It’s going to be called Lisboeta (it’s what a resident of Lisbon is called, much like a Londoner) in honour of the city that Nuno was born in, and it’ll be landing sometime in Spring 2022.

The sizable venue itself will be completely redressed so as to feel as though it was plucked from the streets of the Portuguese capital, and dropped in ours. The fronting will be entirely blue washed, the ground floor will be a cafe-style space with a long wooden bar (built from repurposed tram wood & topped with limestone sourced from Lisbon), and the upstairs will be a light, elegant white-walled dining area. Then, further ahead, there are plans to add in a chef’s table style are called The Adega, overlooking the kitchen & wine cellar in the basement.

So what do Lisboetas eat? Well, the menu is still in development, but it’s unsurprisingly set to be quite traditional Portuguese food, featuring ‘petiscos’ (small plates) and plenty of wine.

And probably a custard tart or two.


NOTE: Lisboeta is due to open sometime in spring 2022. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can find out more at their website right HERE.

Lisboeta | 30 Charlotte Street, W1T 2NG

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30 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, W1T 2NG

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