Hattie Lloyd 01/11/21

Little Georgia Islington

As the more spacious, grown-up sibling to Bethnal Green’s bijou Georgian eatery, this should really be called Big Georgia.

Occupying a big corner of Barnsbury Road in what probably used to a be an old pub, Little Georgia Islington has kept the same winning formula as its predecessor: relaxed, friendly service; quirky decor; and a sumptuous menu of (highly vegetarian-friendly) authentic Georgian fare, cooked by Georgian chefs.

In case your last trip to Tbilisi involved a little too much chacha grape vodka – or, possibly, you just haven’t encountered it yet – Georgian cuisine is rich with texture, spice and heart. Here you’re encouraged to start your meal with a traditional khachapuri – an oblong, pizza-charred slab of dough with a molten centre of cheese and egg (into which you can dip said dough). Also excellent is lobiani, a flaky circle of pastry stuffed with a warming mixture of beans and onions.

From there, you can dip into aubergine rolls with walnut filling; pork and beef dumplings with soured cream; roast chicken with a classic cold walnut sauce; or – the dish which truly brought tears to our eyes – aubergine and tomato stew, served up with hunks of crusty bread.

The wine list here is exclusively Georgian (if you like a dry white, ask for an ‘extra dry’ bottle as they’re all pretty sweet), but if you prefer, you can BYOB.

After all, nothing goes better with your new favourite food than your old favourite wine.


NOTE: Little Georgia Islington is open Tuesday-Sunday. You can make a booking, and find out more, HERE.

Little Georgia Islington | 14 Barnsbury Road, N1 0HB

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Little Georgia Islington

14 Barnsbury Road, Islington, N1 0HB

020 7278 6100

8.5 | Great