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Little Smoke

Little Smoke

NOTE: Little Smoke has sadly now closed.

The Big Smoke is about to get a Little Smoke.

That is, Islington’s famed Smokehouse restaurant has finally got a little sister in The City. It’s called ‘Little’, although it feels surprisingly big, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows bathing the industrial/vintage furnishings in light.

Like its older sibling, it has a daily changing menu of beef/pork/lamb, all butchered on site in Islington before being smoked, roasted, and grilled in Little Smoke itself. You can expect:

1) Cuts ranging from classics like Bavette steak, pork belly, and lamb chop to giant show-stopping sharing joints such as the Dino Rib, whole beef shin, and the Cowboy Steak.

2) House-made sauces to cover them in, such as beer mustard, aged beef mayo, and gochujang mayo.

3) Heart-worrying desserts like rumbaba, sticky toffee pudding, and chocolate hot pot with melted marshmallows and clotted cream ice cream.

Obviously all of this will be merrily washed down with wines (all from small growers, including several British varietals), beers (crafts of course, including several British varietals), and cocktails.

Just to mix it up.

NOTE: Little Smoke has sadly now closed.

Little Smoke | CityPoint, 1 Ropemaker Street, EC2Y 9HU

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Little Smoke

CityPoint, 1 Ropemaker Street, Moorgate, The City and East London, EC2Y 9HU


8 / 10

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