Little Social | Michelin Starred Mayfair Restaurant From Jason Atherton

Little Social

Little Social

Little Social | Mayfair Restaurant

Someone told us about a new restaurant on the moon.

Great food. No atmosphere.

But one can’t be too hard on the intergalactic restaurateurs in question. Because the elusive food/atmosphere combination is a hard one to nail. HOWEVER, fortunately Michelin-starred Jason Atherton’s modern French bistro, Little Social, serves up more than its fair share of both.

After stepping through the large black door and pushing past a heavy red-velvet curtain, you’ll be infectiously engulfed by rustic wood tables, ox-blood banquets, wall mounted maps and French-accented staff.

Enveloped by muted lighting which illuminates the room in a golden brown glow, you’ll be seated either in a leather booth or tucked away at a table in the back (should you wish to slip deeper into the Parisian den). And then, after ordering, the bistro kitchen will hastily plate up traditional and modern French favorites, from pink pork chop with artichoke purée to gourmet Scottish beef burgers.

Expect your cocktails to be shaken and stirred, smashed, contorted, rung, crushed, stripped and served with wedges of pink grapefruit and bright orange bitters, then served at the bar alongside wine, whisky and aperitifs like Chase marmalade vodka…

Which, funnily enough, tastes exactly like you’re not going to work tomorrow.

NOTE: Little Social is open now. You can see all availability (and reserve tables) directly HERE. Alternatively, for reservations of more than 4 people please either email or call 020 7870 3730.

Little Social | 5 Pollen St, London W1S 1NE 

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Little Social

5 Pollen St, Mayfair, Central London, W1S 1NE
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8.5 / 10

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