Lucky Cat | Gordon Ramsay's '30s style Japanese diner...

Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat | Gordon Ramsay goes Japanese

Gordon Ramsay has opened a new restaurant.

And this Cat gets your tongue.

After all, it’s the new flagship restaurant from arguably the world’s most famous chef. But that said, it has taken over from the former Maze space on Mayfair’s Grosvenor Square (after that restaurant lost both its Michelin Star and rather a lot of money) so there’s a somewhat staggering weight of expectation sitting on its shoulders.

This is Lucky Cat.

Lucky Cat

The name is explained quite quickly as you get into the door: among the glossy marble trim at the bar, and the black bronze bamboo panelling, and the lustrous jewel-box blue tile flooring underfoot… you’ll notice an entire wall made up of dozens upon dozens of ceramic Maneki-neko ‘lucky cats’. They’re the toys you often see waving a paw in the air as if to be permanently answering a question, and in this case that question is “who thinks this place cost an absolutely astonishing amount of money?”.

It’s clearly well-spent though, the place certainly looks quite impressive. Apparently the design is inspired directly by the underground Kissa jazz clubs of ’30s Tokyo, and they’ve pulled it off nicely, managing to stuff a raw bar, a chef’s table, and three private dining rooms into the space.

The menu has been designed by both Ramsay and his executive chef Ben Orpwood (they stopped describing it as an “authentic Asian eating house” shortly after it was pointed out that Orpwood doesn’t come from anywhere close to Asia) who spent six years honing his culinary skills at Zuma before heading the kitchen at Sexy Fish. They’ve settled on a Japan-focused lineup with the occasional dish from father afield.

All of that means you can expect sashimi like kingfish with sorrel & pomelo; or razor clams with green apple from the raw bar – then Cornish squid tempura and pork belly skewers with Nikka whisky & mustard; or some crispy cod cheek katsu with seaweed & wasabi from the non-raw kitchen. On top of that, there’s a Burmese crab masala; some Taiwanese-style fried duck leg bao; and some slow-grilled turbot with Thai basil & garlic caper butter. It’s not exactly cheap, but then, this is Grosvenor Square.

As for the cocktails? They’ve got a barrel-aged old fashioned made with their own house blend of whiskies, and a fresh Polynesian Punch made with rum, coconut, pineapple, mango, and pink grapefruit… but the real pick of the bunch is the Lucky Negroni. Order one, and the barkeep will roll three dice, yielding any of 216 possible combinations of gin, vermouth, and bitters they blend to make it.

Looks like you’re getting lucky.

NOTE: Lucky Cat is open now. You can find out more, and make a booking by heading to their website right HERE.

Lucky Cat | 10 Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, W1K 6JP

Oh look… guess who’s opening a place directly opposite

Lucky Cat

10 Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, W1K 6JP


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