Lucky & Joy | A Gloriously Kitschy Chinese Restaurant in Clapton
Lucky & Joy


Lucky & Joy

Lucky & Joy | Delightfully Kitsch Chinese In Clapton

After years of sell-out residencies, supperclubs and lock-ins, the talented duo behind Lucky & Joy have finally come to the conclusion that people like their cooking really rather a lot.

So they’ve done the decent thing, and opened a permanent restaurant.

That duo is chef Ellen Parr (of Moro and Morito) and drinks expert Pete Kelly, and their space can be found on Lower Clapton Road, a few doors down from P. Franco. It’s swathed in the same colourfully tongue-in-cheek aesthetic of their original pop ups, with purple, green, and blue fluro-style spot lighting, as well as a flatscreen TV purely playing pictures of animals, just to give it that gloriously kitschy edge.

The menu is all regional Chinese, and is inspired by the pair’s travels around the country itself (as well as NYC’s Chinatown), picking out local specialties that they were particularly drawn to as they went. They then spent the aforementioned years-worth of pop ups learning to master them, and now rotate their menu daily to include as many as possible. It’s all very veg-forward, with at least 50% off each day’s choices being meat-free… but this being Chinese food, the rest is very much not.

Lucky and Joy

The menu’s split between cold and hot dishes (which all come in various sizes), the former of which include the likes of chilli-laced smacked cucumbers from the Yunnan region; a herbal ‘tiger salad’ from Northern China; and the most delicious sesame noodles (arguably worth a trip in themselves). If you’re after something hotter, you can score some red-braised pork belly; or their famed red and green pickled sea bass. They’re also offering pineapple fried rice (served in an actual pineapple); and lamb chops from Xinjiang, cooked with onions and pomegranate.

The drinks part of the equation is similarly Chinese-inspired with the mojito-style Yunnan Flavour (blending coconut-washed vodka, ginger, lemongrass & coriander), and a Lucky’s G&T, which includes Sichuan peppercorn-infused gin, some clear pomelo…

…and quite a lot of joy.


NOTE: Lucky & Joy is open for dinner from 6pm, Tuesday-Saturday. You can find out more, and book a table right HERE.

Lucky & Joy | 95 Lower Clapton Road, E5 0NP

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Lucky & Joy

95 Lower Clapton Road, Clapton, East London, E5 0NP
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