Lupins | A Thoroughly British Restaurant In Flat Iron Square



The most quintessentially British food…

…is the kind that ruthlessly steals the best bits from other nations’ own cuisine.

So proudly British restaurant Lupins – now open in Flat Iron Square – has absolutely no intention of stopping the tradition. Set in one of the brick railway arches between London Bridge and Southwark, it features old-fashioned British food with a globally inspired twist. The space itself is light and airy, with cushion-laden pastel pink banquette seating hugging the white walls.


Right from the outset you can see the neat little twists hitting the more traditional British dishes, which are all served as sharing-style small plates – Jersey Royals with asparagus and a soft boiled egg are all spiced up with some za’atar; the roast pigeon is marinaded in chipotle; and the sea trout comes with seaweed butter.

For dessert, things revert back to traditionalism with a little rhubarb with ginger, or plates of Neal’s Yard cheeses.

It’s as British as apple pie.

NOTE: Lupins is now open, and you can check out the website, and the menu right HERE.

Lupins | 66 Union Street, SE1 1TD

If you’re at Flat Iron Square you’ll want to know Where The Pancakes Are


66 Union Street, Borough, South London, SE1 1TD

02039 085 888


8 / 10

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