Mac & Wild Devonshire Square

Mac & Wild Devonshire Square

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. 

Unless those words are, “Hey, let’s throw sticks and stones at that guy”.

But loopholes aside, it seems that the less-than-favourable things people have had to say about Scottish cuisine over the last, say, 700 years haven’t dented the nation’s ability to deliver a stunning meal. Exhibit A: Mac & Wild, whose sophomore venue has officially gone permanent in Devonshire Square.

Much like the original Fitzrovia space, the venue itself has two understated wood-filled floors packing in a large (heated in the winter) craft beer and gin terrace, a sizeable restaurant, a dedicated whisky bar, and even a “shooting simulator room” where you can hunt virtual game on a virtual game. Here’s how the menu breaks down:


Given the genuinely amazing success of M&W’s original venue, it’s no surprise they’re keeping a few of the classics on the menu – you’ll find, for instance, the Venimoo burger (named the “best burger in the UK” last year), the beloved venison chateaubriand, and the excellent haggis pops. Then, there’s,


Prepare your belly for newness including venison mince on toast, steamed mussels in a smokey cullen skink (read: soup) and roasted bone marrow with bacon breadcrumbs, which you can then transform into a whisky luge if you so wish. And if you’re interested in brunch (which you are) they do a very reasonable bottomless number, which can come with Bloody Maries, Bucks Fizz or Buckie Royales – which involve buckfast, prosecco, and probably a round of applause.

Add to that some haggis making masterclasses, chocolate & whisky pairing sessions, and a downstairs whiskey bar with drams from every corner of old Caledonia, and you might strongly consider showing up in a kilt.

If you’ve got the stones.

NOTE: Mac & Wild Devonshire Square is open now for lunch and dinner, Mon-Sat (with brunch on Saturdays). You can book a table by simply heading right HERE.

ALSO NOTE: The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s pop up whisky bar, Kaleidoscope, has just opened in the basement. Read more about that HERE.

Mac & Wild City | 9a Devonshire Square, EC2M 4YN

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Mac & Wild Devonshire Square

Mac & Wild City, 9a Devonshire Square, Liverpool Street, The City and East London, EC2M 4YN


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