It’s the anagram lovers’ Tokyo.

And it’s also the inspiration for Machiya, which takes its name (and feel) from the traditional townhouses of the city; the simple wooden furnishings give the two-floor space a sparse, elegant feel. Set in Piccadilly, It’s the first non-ramen restaurant/bar from the people behind the now-legendary noodle palace Kanada-Ya. Here’s how it break down:


Is the restaurant. The menu covers a broad swathe of Japanese styles, including fried panko-crumbed pork with tonkatsu curry; some Gyudon (thinly sliced beef with onsen egg, red ginger, onions, and rice); and Zaru soba, which involves chilled buckwheat noodles with dashi dipping sauce. And for dessert? You can get genmaicha mille-crepes (a dozen ultra-thin pancakes stacked between layers of sweet filling), and they have their own matcha soft-serve ice cream machine.


Is the cocktail bar. The menu is short-but-sweet, with but half a dozen Japanese house cocktails, including the Jigglypuff (which blends Portobello gin, Campari, lemon & vermouth); the umeshi-aided Smokey Negroni; and the tequila-laced Yuzu-Kosho Sour. And then of course, there’s a long list of Japanese sakes and whiskeys.

Or, if you like anagrams, key wishes.

NOTE: Machiya is open now. You can find out more at their website right HERE.


Machiya | 5 Panton Street, SW1Y 4DL

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