Jason Allen 24/05/19

Maggie Jones’s

UPDATE September 2023: Maggie Jones’s is currently closed for repairs after an electrical fire, and is set to re-open in early 2024.

Maggie Jones’s is not a London restaurant.

It’s a cozy little countryside restaurant that just happens to be located in London. Just off Kensington High Street, to be precise.

Inside, it’s every country pub & farm-style eatery you’ve ever been to wrapped into one: a two-floor labyrinth of rooms filled with wooden chairs, tables, floors, and walls. The ceilings are covered in everything from wagon wheels to rocking horses, and the tables are lit by candles with years-worth of wax clinging to the wine bottles they’ve been wedged into. It feels lived-in, in the best possible way.

Food at Maggie Jones

Matching the comforting surroundings with comforting foods, the menu starts you off with the likes of hollandaise-covered asparagus; crab & avocado; stilton mousse; and whole globe artichokes with vinaigrette. The larger dishes include some stuffed roast chicken with bread sauce & gravy or tarragon sauce; sea bream fillets with fennel & saffron sauce; and a creamy chicken & artichoke pie. And for dessert? You’ll find both the familiar – Maggie’s apple crumble, for instance – and the exotic, in the form of some zesty mango & papaya jelly.

To drink, there’s a decent sized wine list split between France and the New World, but you can’t go wrong with the house wines: you’ll get a magnum of the stuff plonked down on the table, and at the end you’ll simply be charged for what you drank.

Not very London at all.


NOTE: Maggie Jones’s is open Mon-Fri 12-2.15pm and 6-10pm; Sat-Sun 12-10pm. You can find out more, and make a booking at their website right HERE.

Maggie Jones’s | 6 Old Court Place, Kensington Church Street, W8 4PL

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Maggie Jones’s

6 Old Court Place, Kensington Church Street, Kensington , W8 4PL

8.5 | Great