Mamalan Dalston | A Laid Back Chinese Restaurant In East London

Mamalan Dalston

It’s never easy to follow in your parents footsteps.

Especially when they keep doubling back, and covering their tracks.

Thankfully, Mama Lan – after whom her daughter’s burgeoning collection of Beijing street food restaurants is named – plays no such tricks, having taught her talented progeny the ancient family recipes she uses to fill out her menus today.

And you’ll find those recipes, her menus, and that food at Mamalan Dalston – it’s a simple space, with wooden stalls, wooden tables, and a kitchen putting out dishes that might as well have been teleported from Beijing directly onto your plate.

They include dumplings (at a generous 5 per portion) like pork & Chinese leaf, or woodear mushroom & vermicelli; noodles with spicy beef, or wonton soup; prawn buns and smacked cucumbers w/ chilli & sesame; and skewers of chilli cumin lamb, or honey glazed chicken.

To drink – alongside a few choice beers & wines – you’ll find a collection of teas (including chrysanthemum flower & rock sugar, ginger & peppermint, etc.), and a quartet of mocktails, like the apple, cinnamon, and Jasmine Ice Tea, or the orange & lychee Fire Monkey.

Which sounds like an in-fur-no.

NOTE: Mamalan Dalston is open seven days a week with no reservations.


Mamalan Dalston | 511 Kingsland Rd, E8 4AR

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Mamalan Dalston

511 Kingsland Rd, Dalston, East London, E8 4AR

020 7254 0559


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