The Dining Room

The Mare Street Market opened many months before the restaurant did. Yep. Cutting the ribbon on their centrepiece restaurant – The Dining Room – has been a bit of a ‘mare.

It’s seen consultants like Nuno Mendes and Gizzi Erskine come and go, but it’s now in the steady hands of head chef Dominik Moldenhauer (formerly of The Shed), and seven months on they’ve worked out the kinks, and finally opened it.

The space, which they’ve been working on for literally months, is quite understandably a bloody beautiful affair that’s packed to bursting with multi-era-spanning antique & vintage chandeliers dangling above Art Deco furnishings, and quirky, assorted touches like gothic statues and life-size replica giraffe necks. And in fact, all of those things – chandeliers included – are available for sale from the in-house furniture store Pure White Lines.

Apart from the light from dozens of dangling antique bulb caddies, those tables are also being hit by a creative lineup of modern European dishes, including starters like salt-baked celeriac with English feta; mackerel ceviche with clementine; and smoked shortrib hash brown with fried duck egg & date brown sauce.

The larger stuff ranges from duck breast with chestnut gnocchi and sherry butter; or roast hake with kohlrabi and smoked mussel broth; among others. And for dessert, you can probably stop reading the menu after “brioche doughnuts with salted caramel chocolate sauce”… but if you do continue, you’ll find cardamom cheesecake mousse with white chocolate biscuit, espresso, and orange. And ALL of this can be made vegan/vegetarian – they even have a whole separate menu listing the modified dishes.

And let’s not forget that this restaurant is in the heart of the Mare Street Market, meaning you’ll be surrounded by ten thousand square feet of space housing a record shop, a florist, a bakery, a deli, a wine bar, another (more casual) restaurant, a coffee shop, a podcast studio, and – critically – a cocktail bar.

If you fancy mixing things up.

NOTE: The Dining Room at Mare Street Market is open now. You can find out more and make a booking at their website right HERE.

Mare Street Market | 89-115 Mare Street, E8 4RT

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The Dining Room

89-115 Mare Street, Hackney, East London, E8 4RT
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