Meat Liquor

Meat Liquor

Meat Liquor | Bond Street Diner

 There’s probably only one thing that’s more fun than witnessing fever-pitch levels of buzz build around the 11.11.11 launch of your first restaurant.

And that’s taking everyone by surprise and opening it early.

But why shouldn’t Meat Liquor founder Yianni Papoutsis have a little fun: just over a year ago he was cooking burgers from a van (the “Meatwagon”).

Until it was stolen.

Fortunately – for the large numbers of ardent fans already devoted to Yianni’s melted cheese and crispy bacon burgers, his Philly cheesesteaks, and the special sauce found in his “dead hippie” burger –  he quickly found a semi-permanent residence above the Goldsmiths Tavern in New Cross.

With an actual kitchen at his disposal, a place for diners to sit, a cocktail bar run by Soul Shakers and a devoted following – all of whom appeared to be on Twitter – the “#meateasy” phenomenon quickly took flight.

Each night Meateasy bulged at the seams, overflowing with the converted and the soon-to-be: men and women who had come to see if these really were the best burgers in London.  The public’s hunger for Yiannis burgers, his mac and cheese and his buffalo wings – all washed down by an unquenchable thirst for lager-topped margaritas (Lagerita anyone?) – saw no end.

Until it ended.

As a dark cloud set over Meateasy’s fans – who would now be unable to ever look at a regular burger in the same way again – a gentle feeling of relief spread amongst those who genuinely wanted to go, but who never really had any intention of actually visiting New Cross.

Luckily now everyone is happy: Meateasy’s back.  Only this time it’s permanent, it’s now called Meat Liquor and – best of all – it’s just a stone’s throw from Bond Street Tube.

Meat Liquor: the best burgers in London? Very probably.

NOTE: Meat Liquor has a no reservations policy, but queuing’s genuinely worth it.

Meat Liquor | 72 Wellbeck Street, Bond Street, London W1G 0AY


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Meat Liquor

72 Welbeck Street, Bond Street, Central London, W1G 0AY


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