Meat People | Steak And Retro Cocktails In A 1920s-Style Diner
Meat People


Meat People

Meat People | Islington Steakhouse 

You’re either a meat person, or you’re not.

Unless you’re a pescetarian, which doesn’t count as being either.

Jerry Lee Lewis? Definitely a meat person….

“Born in Texas, a land of beef,

Never cared much for greens, y’oughta heard I like meat

Meat, meat, meat, meat, man.

Woo, meat man! Yeah, I’m a meat man, baby!

Hey! Meat man! Hoo!”

…… albeit an annoying one.

A real gem – for Jerry and all of the other meat people in London  – is Islington’s first dedicated (and fully inclusive) steakhouse: Meat People.

Located in an intimate space on the ground floor of a Grade II listed building at the base of Essex Road (the interior of which has been restored to give a 1920’s diner vibe), it serves up grass-fed beef from the UK, Spain and South America, in addition to retro cocktails and a selection of quirky world wines.

Pescetarians note: there are a range of fish options on the menu. Yes you, too, are very much one of the Meat People here.

Whether you’d like to be or not.


NOTE: Meat People is open daily for lunch (brunch on weekends) and dinner. You can find out more, and reserve a table, on their website HERE.

Meat People | 4-6 Essex Road, N1 8LN

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Meat People

4-6 Essex Road, Islington, N1 8LN
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0207 359 5361

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