Monty’s Deli Spitalfields

People named Monty make very good:

A) Flying circuses;
B) London delis.

And it’s the latter that we’re concerned with today. You see Monty’s Deli – home to the best reuben sandwich in London – has moved into The Kitchens at Old Spitalfields Market.

The Kitchens – for those who haven’t been – are a permanent set up in the market’s north-east corner, where a rotating lineup of eateries are given restaurant-standard kitchen equipment to cook with, while punters eat on communal tables scattered in the surrounding space.

The move is a pretty comfortable one for the sandwich-slingers, given that they’ve spent literally years in stalls at London’s many markets so this represents a steep step up in that regard.. Their menu here has been naturally slightly reduced from their restaurant offering, but they’re still playing all the hits.

Monty's Deli

You can expect Reuben sandwiches (a hand carved tower of salt beef or pastrami blanketed with Russian dressing, mustard, saurkraut, & cheese, then served with a pickle, on rye); plus bowls of matzo ball soup (chicken broth, matzo balls, lokshen, carrot, and dill), and drinks including the beloved pickleback – that is, bourbon and a shot of pickle juice.

It’s all deli-cious.

NOTE: Monty’s Deli at Old Spitalfields Market is open for lunch and dinner, Monday-Sunday. You can find out more at their website right HERE.


Old Spitalfields Market | 16 Horner Square, Spitalfields, E1 6EW | Main image credit: Joe Woodhouse



Monty’s Deli Spitalfields

16 Horner Square, Spitalfields, The City and East London, E1 6EW

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