Neil Frame 07/01/22


Moro | British-Iberian-With-A-North-African Twist Restaurant

Time changes things.

Youth ages, condiments expire, and once great restaurants generally increase their prices, decrease their levels of service and inevitably, rest solely on their laurels.

There are a few exceptions, however.

And Moro – Exmouth Market‘s British Iberian-with-a-North-African-twist Mediterranean restaurant – is one of them. It has, despite a number of newer restaurants serving up similar culinary combinations, defied them all by both continually innovating, and, quite simply, by continually being better.


Perhaps it’s because husband and wife owners Samuel and Samantha Clark married, bought a camper van and set off on a three month journey through Spain, Morocco and the Sahara in a bid to taste their way through a cooking tradition rooted in the 700 year old Moorish occupation of Spain…

…but we’re pretty sure that it’s actually because of the wood roasted pork, sea bass, garlic and coriander-stuffed chicken; the charcoal grilled lamb and beef fillets; the crispy, butterflied and pan-fried mackerel; the wood-fired loaves of sourdough bread; and the collection of homemade ice creams, tarts and cakes. All of which changes seasonally, goes well with their extensive Spanish wine list, and will probably remind you of the dark, spice-scented alleyways of Morocco’s souks.

Which is nice.


NOTE: Moro is open daily. You can find out more information and book a table right here.

Moro | 34—36 Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell, EC1R 4QE

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34-36 Exmouth Market, Farringdon, EC1R 4QE

8.8 | Great