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Mr Ji Camden

Mr Ji is about to start a family.

After the highly creative, and highly successful first branch of Mr Ji in Soho, Camden is getting the next member of the clan.

Now, it should be noted that a great deal of that creativity and success is thanks to the couple who swooped in and reinvented the menu of the original Mr Ji during the lockdown: messers Zijun Meng and Ana Gonçalves, AKA the team behind TĀ TĀ Eatery. They turned the place from a fairly good modern Taiwanese chicken restaurant to an excellent modern Taiwanese chicken restaurant. The space they’re taking over up in north London is considerably larger than the Soho original, and has an expanded menu to match.

Mr Ji food

Thus, you can expect all of the classics from the OG menu, including the famed O’JI chicken in which a crispy fried chicken breast is bedecked with chilli sprinkles & golden kimchi (and a pair of scissors, of you have trouble slicing it up). You’ll also find their Prawn In Toast (yes, in toast, it’s a parcel of white bread stuffed with prawns, then deep fried), and their Sichuan Burger whose pineapple bun is sandwiching a double-fried chicken thigh & some fiery Sichuan chilli.

Mr Ji Camden Food

The new stuff, however, includes some larger sharing dishes, like Cantonese-style roast chicken & prawn fried rice, which is promised to come with an enormous quantity of prawns and a glaze of hot & sour soup. And they’ll also have a Cantonese twist on the traditional Sunday roast – you’ll get roast duck, roast pork belly, Taiwanese sausage and soy-poached chicken… aaand unlimited jasmine rice, lettuce cups and pickles.

Enough to feed a family, even.


NOTE: Mr Ji Camden is set to open on October 18th. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can find out more at their website right here.

Mr. Ji Camden | 63-65 Parkway, NW1 7PP

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Mr Ji Camden

63-65 Parkway, Camden, Camden, NW1 7PP
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