Noble Rot Soho | Greek Street wine bar & restaurant
Noble Rot Soho


Noble Rot is spreading to Soho

Noble Rot Soho | Greek Street wine bar & restaurant

London has a Rot problem.

There’s not enough of it.

Thankfully however, Noble Rot – one of the best wine bars & restaurants in the city – is finally spreading. After spending 4 years blowing people’s socks off in Bloomsbury, it’s about to land itself in a yet-more central venue down in Soho, in the former home of the Gay Hussar.

Those are some pretty big boots to fill too: the Gay Hussar had been there for 65 years, and was notoriously a hotbed of political plotting, backstabbing, and other such traditional Westminster pursuits. Unfortunately, Westminster itself is now a little too far to trek from just for lunch & a little light conspiracy; those things are both available on Deliveroo these days. So the Hussar’s main client base ended up declining, and it finally closed in 2018.

Noble Rot 2.0

Fortunately, Noble Rot has an equally memorable name (it refers to a kind of fungus at grows on grapes which in certain conditions can, instead of killing you, actually produces a rather nice sweet wine) and some top shelf talent behind it, thanks to award winning chefs Stephen Harris (The Sportsman) and Paul Weaver (St. John).

They’ll both be creating a menu of seasonal British food, with the occasionally sly nod “to The Gay Hussar’s glory days”, and there will be a wine list like no other. The original venue has a biblically long list that pokes into some truly interesting corners of the wine world, thanks to the owners Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew, both of whom run a wine import business and a wine magazine. And this one should be no different.

Let’s hope the Rot sets in.


NOTE: Noble Rot Soho is due to open in spring 2020. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can find out more at their website right HERE.

Noble Rot Soho | 2 Greek St, W1D 4NB

Want a preview? Check out the original.

Noble Rot Soho

2 Greek St, Soho, W1D 4NB

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