Oi Spaghetti

Peckham’s Oi Spaghetti is so small you risk walking pasta…

But don’t, because as we all know sometimes the best things come in small packages. And this is one of those times. 

It’s located just off Rye Lane, slap bang in the heart of Peckham’s cultural hub, Copeland Park. Here, back in 2015, owners Francesco and Tatiana transformed a tiny wooden cabin into a restaurant. They painted it a calming cream, filled it with foliage and just four tables, and then flung open the doors. (Fortunately these days they’ve managed to squeeze in a few more seats, outside in a heated marquee, however not many, so pre-planning is a must.)

Oi Spaghetti

As the name suggests, the main focus here is spaghetti, hefty piles of the stuff, made fresh everyday and then topped with all sorts of locally-sourced, organic ingredients. Things like chestnut mushrooms, garlic, cream, chilli, parsley, and black truffle oil; or bacon, cavolo nero, egg, Pecorino, Romano, garlic, black pepper, and nutmeg. The menu is small but flavourful, with enough variety to keep you coming back. 

If you’re hungry they do have a couple of smaller antipasti to kick things off: garlic bruschetta; buffalo mozzarella; and black kale frittata and salad. As for dessert, it’s tiramisu. Arguably one of the best tiramisus in London, served in thick, creamy slabs. It’s the perfect post-pasta sign-off, after which you’ll likely want to lie down.

Of course all that eating and you’ll probably find yourself a little thirsty, which is where the Peronis, Italian wine, and Limoncello come in. A couple of shots of that and you’ll be leaving with anything but a sour taste in your mouth.


NOTE: Oi Spaghetti is open Tuesday-Saturday, 6-10pm. You can book via their website here.

Oi Spaghetti | 133 Copeland Road, Copeland Industrial Park, London, SE15 3SN

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Oi Spaghetti

133 Copeland Road, Copeland Industrial Park, Peckham, SE15 3SN
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