Old Bengal Warehouse | A Multi-Functional Warehouse In East London

Old Bengal Warehouse

Old Bengal Warehouse

Old Bengal Warehouse | Liverpool Street Restaurant and Bar

The Old Bengal Warehouse, consisting of the New St Grill; Fish Market; the Old Bengal Bar and the New St Wine Shop, can be found right next to Liverpool St Station.

Perfect for planning an epic 12-hour date… in less than a minute.

You’ll meet at the informal Fish Market, a summery modern beach hut – all distressed wood and white brick – for a light lunch: perhaps a bottle of rosé, winkles and jumbo king prawns at the Crustacean Bar, or a whole grilled lobster on the outdoor terrace.

Then coffee, followed by charcuterie and a little wine tasting with master sommelier Nicolas Clerk at the New St Wine Shop next door.

Drunk, you’ll head to the courtyard of the Bengal Bar for an alfresco G&T or three, before venturing in to the bar itself – a sexy, dimly-lit, exposed-brick and mirrored-walled cocktail den where you’ll replace G&Ts with Dirty Truffles… and where the music may require you to sit a little closer.

And then it’ll be time to move on to the New St Grill – a dark, leather-clad old gentleman’s club of a steakhouse – for a late dinner, by which time your menu choices will be inevitable.

The oysters, to share.

The 500g chateaubriand, to share.

And a bottle of Malbec…each.


NOTE: Old Bengal Warehouse is open daily from 11.30am (11am on Sundays) and you can book a table online HERE.

Old Bengal Warehouse | 16 New Street, London EC2M 4TR

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Old Bengal Warehouse

16 New Street, Liverpool Street, The City, EC2M 4TR


7.5 / 10

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