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Jason Allen 17/05/23

Some Of The Secret Cinema Gang Are Teaming Up With A Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Outcrop definitely registers about a 9.0 on the exiting-new-things-o-meter.

The talent behind it alone is enough to drive some wide-eyed wonder as to what they have in store: it’ll see a trio of Secret Cinema team members (former, current, and freelance) teaming up with the guys from Michelin Star winning Luca, and the duo behind the excellent AngloThai. And then as a kind of concrete cherry, they’re moving into the gorgeously Brutalist space at 180 Strand for a three month residency to take their ideas for a spin.

Obviously there’s a little bit to unpack here, so we’ll take things one at a time, starting with the overall idea. The hope is to make it into a kind of restaurant and arts space which you can relax and socialise in, with a strong lean towards the natural world – or in their words “a green social club”. Inside, you’ll find a restaurant, a cocktail bar, a DJ-driven music program, and an arts space, and it’ll all be thoroughly planet-friendly.

The resistant is going to be run by the pair behind AngloThai (husband and wife team John & Desiree Chantarasak), who’ll be scorching British seasonal ingredients over charcoal (line-caught fish, wild ginger & lemongrass, etc.). The dishes that come out the other end will include skate wing jungle curry; coconut smoked turbot; root vegetable som tam with tamarind & London honey; whisky & soy ribeyes; Thai tea burnt cream; fig leaf ice cream, and more.


The cocktails helping to ease all of that down will come courtesy of award-winning bar manager par excellence Rob Simpson (he’s worked at places like The Clove Club and Gymkhana), who’ll be mixing a British Margarita made from barley eau de vie, London honey and gooseberry, or the Outcrop Martini, which blends London gin with a homemade herb garden vermouth.

On top of all of that, there’s the music program, which involves a ton of up-and-coming DJs who’ll get to mess around with the venue’s four vintage Klipschorn speakers (which we assume are amazing). And then finally there’s the mysterious sounding part about a “central installation exploring the world beyond our senses”, which is the domain of the Secret Cinema gang.

The plan is to move into 180 Strand for three months from 23rd June, right through the summer.

And then presumably crop up somewhere else.


NOTE: Outcrop is set to open on 23rd June for three months (Wednesday to Friday, 17 – 23:30 & Saturday, 11am to midnight). Rezzies go live on 1st June – you can make one and find out more at their website right here

Outcrop | 180 Strand, WC2R 1EA

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180 Strand, Covent Garden, Central London, WC2R 1EA

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