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And rejoice, because Borough Market’s starchy Shangri-La of fresh pasta has finally, officially opened its second venue, over in Shoreditch. And once again, there are no bookings, which means that we can all thoroughly spoil ourselves with a few light rounds of Britain’s national sport: queuing.

You’ll find the venue itself over in the spaceship-like Workspace building hidden on a side road off Great Eastern Street. You’re still able to see chefs feverishly (not literally, calm down) making fresh pasta in the window each morning. And you’ll be extremely glad to see that it’s slightly bigger than the original space, with higher ceilings, and a lot more light.

Being on the corner of a curved building, it’s all one big ‘C’ shape, with a bar at each tip: one for pasta, one for cocktails. The design is all exactly as pretty as you might imagine, with lashings of red mottled marble, polished concrete, and richly coloured wood varnished to a glimmering shine, designed to evoke those glamorous Riva boats that scoot up and down the Italian waterways.

As for the food? Well, they say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and the menu at Padella certainly ain’t broke. So they’ve only elected to throw on a little bonus in the form of mussel fritti with aioli (but you can expect other frittis later in the year). You’ll still be able to get the near-legendary cacio e pepe; the fat pappardelle with 8hr Dexter beef shin ragu; the ribbony taglierini with crab, chilli & lemon; and a lot more. And prices start at just £4, for gnocchi with nutmeg butter.

On the cocktail menu – which, it should be noted was created in collaboration with Mr Lyan – you can expect a Padella Negroni (it involves lemon & thyme), a blackcurrant-loaded Americano, and an all-new gin martini punched up with a gorgonzola-stuffed olive. Then there are half a dozen wines on tap (including a particularly nice Kentish white) and absolutely no bottles – the kegs are fresher, and create a considerably lower carbon footprint.

Oh, and there’s an onsite bakery, too. It’s currently putting out fresh sourdough, but plans are afoot to start baking fresh pastries each morning in the coming months. Hopefully they’ll arrive…

…right on queue.


NOTE: Padella Shoreditch is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. There are no bookings, but you can queue virtually with the Walk-In app – worth downloading since they’re not allowed lines along the street, and you’ll just need to put your name and number down anyway. You can find out more at their website right HERE

Padella Shoreditch | 1 Phipp St, EC2A 4PS

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Padella Shoreditch

1 Phipp Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 4PS
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