The Best Restaurants in London

Restaurants | Borough

Padella Hand-made pasta, on the very cusp of Borough Market….

Restaurants | Liverpool Street

Walter and Monty Life is the longest thing you’ll ever get to do. That’s a scientific fact. But it’s still short. And the best way to deal with this paradox is to fill your life with things that make you – and others – very, very happy. And Walter and Monty is here to do just that.

Restaurants | Vauxhall

Pharmacy 2 The sequel to Damien Hirst’s iconic Notting Hill restaurant, Pharmacy 2 is inside the Newport Street Gallery, with permanent art works from Hirst’s personal art collection and food from Mark Hix.

Restaurants | Soho

L’Escargot ‘Twas 1896, in a land not too far from here, and a gentleman by the name of Georges Gaudin had just opened London’s first French eatery. A dainty little place he coined Le Bienvenue. It’s now known as L’Escargot.

Restaurants | Clapham

MOMMI Konnichi-hola and welcome to Mommi, a southern (London) place where both chopsticks and steak knives co-exist in serendipitous harmony. It’s beautiful. It also plates up modern Japanese and Peruvian cuisine.

Restaurants | Covent Garden

Flat Iron Covent Garden Plumped amid the bustle of Covent Garden’s Henrietta Street, it contains a dedicated Yorkshire Beer bar; a glass-fronted butchery; and a Gelato Counter serving hand-churned, salted caramel ice cream.

Restaurants | Soho

Dishoom Carnaby Welcome to class. Today’s topic: ‘The history and origin of Irani style cafés in India’s city of Bombay, and their transcendence to the modern day fabric of London’s food scene’. And also – importantly: ‘Delicious stuff’.

Restaurants | Soho

Flat Iron Denmark St Dear Vegetarians. This does not inherently regard you. What it does inherently regard is great steak, at affordable prices.

Restaurants | Chelsea

Maze Grill Park Walk A sushi and grill restaurant from Gordon Ramsay.