The Best Restaurants in London

Restaurants | Battersea

Bunga Bunga You’ll enter Bunga Bunga through an Italian phone box. Heading past the large gondola-shaped bar you’ll find a tribute wall dedicated to Berlusconi himself….

Restaurants | Westminster

Caxton Grill, Bar and Terrace Caxton Grill’s based in St. Ermin’s Hotel – which also houses the Caxton Bar and Terrace. A glorious trinity of incentives to toddle along.

Restaurants | Moorgate

Chiswell Street Dining Rooms This, the Martins’ latest venture, detours from a formula that has brought them so much success over the past ten years: it’s neither a pub, nor does its name begin with “The”.

Restaurants | Chelsea

The Big Easy The Big Easy. The biggest, easiest meal you’ll ever eat.

Restaurants | Mayfair

Scott’s A bona fide London classic, serving seafood in Mayfair.

Restaurants | Covent Garden

Hawksmoor Seven Dials The first sibling to Hawksmoor Spitalfields, set in a spacious, temple-like dining room dedicated to beef….

Restaurants | Soho

Nordic Bakery A, er, Nordic Bakery, serving the best cinnamon buns in London, in peaceful surrounds.

Restaurants | Covent Garden

Cafe Pacifico A Mexican restaurant in the heart of Covent Garden that’s older than Prince William. Over the past 30 years its grown to become a genuine institution: a classic in the heart of London, albeit it a kitsch one….

Restaurants | Wapping

Il Bordello It’s the jewel in Wapping’s crown: a truly authentic Italian restaurant, complete with red and white chequered tablecloths and 90 year old waiters who don’t speak English unless they really have to.