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Soho's New DC-Inspired Restaurant Looks Bonkers

Park Row | DC-Inspired Dining In Central London

What should you use with Batman shampoo?

Conditioner Gordon.

Speaking of whom… next month Soho’s getting a huge, elaborately detailed, immersive Batman-styled restaurant.

It’s called Park Row; it’s due to cut the ribbon on August 10th (bookings are open now); and it looks absolutely bonkers. It’s the first venture from Wonderland Restaurants who have partnered up with Warner Bros, and who count Executive Chefs Karl O’Dell (formerly of Michelin-starred Texture) and Kim Woodward (100 Wardour/Savoy Grill) among their team. They even have an illusionist and mental magician on board, Chris Cox.

The general idea is to recreate the sweepingly grand Art Deco vibe of early, old-school Batman, and bring Gotham city to life by drawing inspiration from its more notable residents, including The Penguin, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Catwoman and more. But to be clear, no-one will be in costume. Actors won’t accost you. Waiting staff won’t be ‘in character’. Patrons who dress up will be turned away. It’s a less ‘in-your-face’ more ‘subtle attention to detail’ form of immersive experience.

So what to expect? Well, walking in to the ground floor reception area, things will seem normal. A little too normal. Then, you’ll be surrounded by a specially designed mist and descend into the Batcave, entering into Pennyworth’s which is the first of the venue’s five separate areas (yes, five – the whole place is 18,000 sq ft).

Named after Bruce Wayne’s butler, Pennyworth’s is a plush restaurant & bar serving up all manner of steaks, oysters, caviar, hand-cut pasta, seafood platters, and cocktails. There are a few dishes you might recognise from the comics – such as the Big Belly Burger – but it’s not overly themed, and they’re putting the average spend at £45 per head. Also, you can get ‘edible balloons’ or ‘nitro ice cream’ for dessert.

Next to that, and also serving the same main menu, you’ll find the other two restaurant spaces; The Iceberg Lounge is centrepiece by a giant penguin statue, with live ’30s-era music throughout the week, and then there’s the Rogue’s Gallery, where you can dine underneath famously stolen artworks.

Then we come to Park Row’s pièce de résistance: The Monarch Theatre. This is their 20 seater, tasting menu-only experience. The space has been decked out with floor-to-ceiling screens, and tables assisted by 360-degree projection mapping so as to create an overwhelmingly immersive experience. The 11-course meal will play out over three hours and in two ‘acts’, with a digital-theatrical accompaniment. You’ll get to eat the pearl necklace Bruce Wayne’s mother wore, plus wagyu steak, truffle, scallops, oysters and more. It’s a snip at £195 per head.

And finally, if you fancy a drink after all of that then you’ll be able to retire to hidden late night bar Old Gotham City, where they’re serving “clever cocktails”. Of course, we assume they know what goes into Batmans’s favourite drink…

…just ice.


NOTE: Park Row is due to open on August 10th, and is available to book now. You can find out more and reserve your table at the website right HERE.

Park Row | 77 Brewer St, W1F 9ZN

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Park Row

77 Brewer St, Soho, W1F 9ZN

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