Parrillan Borough Yards


Jason Allen 05/05/22

Parrillan Borough Yards

Parrillan Borough Yards is a sister restaurant to Parrillan Kings Cross, which is a sister restaurant to Barrafina, which is one of the best restaurants in the city.

So, in short, it’s relatively good.

The space itself is in the shiny new Borough Yards development, where it’s taking dominion over a rustically inviting indoor dining room with a sizeable open kitchen, and a 40-person outdoor terrace & a sofa-strewn lounge area, liberally strewn with heaters & blankets, all clasped by a gigantic brick railway arch. It’s all quite lovely, and the food is absolutely fantastic, but you don’t need to take our word for it…

Parrillan Borough Yard

Greg Funnell

If you’re here for a later dinner, then the menu is the same inside or out with dishes including king scallops, squid with pickled fennel, veal shanks, lamb sweetbreads with spring garlic, and more. Buuut if you’re sitting outside, you can – as with the venue’s  North London sibling – get your own little personal grill (or parrilla) for DIY scorching of various cuts of pork. It’s sort of like a BBQ, only with all the not-fun stuff stripped away.

And for dessert? You can get a burnt chocolate volcan (which they’ll burn themselves to save you the trouble), and a very handsome Piña Catalana, which involves crema Catalana served inside an entire pineapple. To share.

If you care to head along the corridor to the toilets, and just keep walking past them, you’ll quickly find yourself in the new Barrafina Borough Yards, and if you keep walking through that you’ll end up in Bar Daskal, the team’s brand new Spanish wine and cocktail bar. Meaning that you can have a few alfresco light bites, then dinner, and cocktails all at three different venues, all within the same spot.

Sounds like it’s arrived right on ‘cue…


NOTE: Parrillan Borough Yards is open Tuesday to Sunday. You can find out more at their website right here, or make a booking here

Parrillan Borough Yards | 4 Dirty Lane, SE1 9PA

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Parrillan Borough Yards

4 Dirty Lane, Borough, SE1 9PA

8.0 | Great