Pharmacy 2

Pharmacy 2 | Vauxhall Restaurant

Art galleries feed the soul. They nourish the mind. And if there are nudes there, then they provide a light snack for the libido too.

But they very rarely do anything for your actual hunger.

Changing all that: Pharmacy 2.

It’s the sequel to Damien Hirst’s iconic Notting Hill restaurant, which closed down after the Royal Pharmaceutical Society claimed it breached the Medicines Act of 1968 because people would think is was an actual pharmacy.


This time though, Hirst isn’t taking any chances. So he’s opened the place up inside the Newport Street Gallery, and brought his buddy Mark Hix along to sort out the food. Visit, and you’ll find:


The gallery itself has free entry, and there are rotating exhibitions that run alongside the permanent works from Hirst’s personal art collection. Inside the restaurant there are yet more works, running from Hirst’s Medicine Cabinets and butterfly Kaleidoscope paintings, all the way to a marble-inlayed floor with individually-crafted pill designs embedded into it.


The menu’s a good mix of Hix classics and originals, with well-tested starters like his Heaven and Earth (it’s a traditional German dish with mashed potatoes, black pudding, and apple sauce), and new stuff like A Plate Of Scarlet Elf Cups (they’re slightly surreal bright red, cup-like mushrooms). Following that, you can decorate your plate with a ground rib steak burger, a roast monkfish tail with rosemary, or some duck curry with apple pakora.

Aaaaand you can wash it all down with a vodka/cherry/ginger Dorset Donkey or a powerful apricot brandy and gin-loaded Angel Face before diving into a massive 4-person chocolate fondue, accompanied by marshmallows and doughnuts.

It’s basically a work of art.


NOTE: Pharmacy 2 is open Tues-Sat, 10am-midnight, and Sundays 10-6pm, and you can book online HERE.

Pharmacy 2 | Newport Street Gallery, Newport Street, Vauxhall, SE11 6AJ

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Pharmacy 2

Newport Street Gallery, Newport Street, Vauxhall, South London, SE11 6AJ
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