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Pick & Cheese

Pick & Cheese

Pick & Cheese | Covent Garden Cheese Specialists

Most cheese is pasteurised.

But this cheese goes the extra step of literally going past your eyes, too.

This is Pick & Cheese, London’s (and the world’s) first cheese conveyor belt restaurant. And if you’re wondering why it took the world so long to come around to this seemingly faultless concept, it’s because it’s not actually entirely faultless.

Despite its flaws, it does actually come to us from the people behind The Cheese Bar in Camden, so it’s got a solid pedigree behind it. You’ll find it inside the new Seven Dials Market in Covent Garden, putting it a stone’s throw from Neal’s Yard cheese shop, who we can only hope will not throw any actual stones.

Pick & Cheese

How does it work? Well, the idea is fairly simple: a 40-meter long Yo! Sushi-style conveyor belt rolls past carrying tantalising plates of cheese, each paired with a unique condiment (and a recommended wine), and each covered with a miniature glass cloche. The plates are all handmade and colour-coded for price, and when the meal’s done, your waiter will tot up what you ate by checking the dishes you’ve accumulated.

And the problem? It sits sort of mid-way between a light snack-stop and a restaurant. Unlike it’s Camden counter-part, which offers a varying menu of cheese-based dishes, the majority of what’s on offer at Pick & Cheese is just straight-up slices of cheese which – much as we hate to say it – do make for a square meal. And when they’re served at room temperature, they can sweat.

Admittedly these have all been carefully paired with some really interesting condiments. In fact, the 25 cheeses on offer are all British-made, and currently include Nottinghamshire Stilton with a chocolate and oat cookie; Irish Gubbeen with sweet & sour pineapple; Red Leicester with candied chilli peppers; some Renegade Monk with Earl Grey tea jelly; soft, buttery Rollright with bacon treacle spread; Spenwood and truffle poached potatoes; and a little Yorkshire Pecorino with lemon meringue (which works very well, it should be said.

If you want something hot, you can get an “off belt” toastie or baked cheese with basil stewed blackberries, and they’ve even got blue cheese ice cream to finish.



NOTE: Pick & Cheese is open daily. You can find out more, and book (for larger groups only) HERE.

Pick & Cheese | Seven Dials Market, Short’s Gardens, WC2H 9AT

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Pick & Cheese

Seven Dials Market, Short's Gardens, Covent Garden, WC2H 9AT


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