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A pidgin, or pidgin language, is defined as ‘a grammatically simplified means of communication, usually found in remote areas’.


Luckily, you only need travel as far as Dalston for this Pidgin; the Platonic ideal of the modern British restaurant. The brainchild of both a pop up supper club chef and a food writer, it’s a small space with white walls, and simple furniture, reserving its bedazzlement for the menu – which in a bold declaration of self-confidence, comes as a non-negotiable four-course set menu that – along with the cocktail list – changes each day. What can you expect? Well, first there’s,


The cooking style is described as ‘Modern British’, but the flavours often evoke the Singaporean descent of the chef, as well as the French cooking techniques she trained in – you’ll find inventive, challenging dishes like razor clams with black garlic, wet garlic, cornflakes, and green almonds; duck with sweet potato, watermelon, and tonka; celeriac with leek ‘hay’ and brown butter; and shiso panna cotta with meringue. This can be wine-paired to each course, or you can spring for,


Rotating regularly, they’re always inventive, and include the likes of G&T with house-made tonic water; a barrel-aged negroni; or originals like the Castor Troy In a Kilt (Scotch, creme de pêche, grapefruit bitters, lemon). Try a couple, and trust us…

…you’ll brb.

NOTE: Pidgin is open now. You can check out the daily menu, or book a table at their website right HERE.

Pidgin | 52 Wilton Way, E8 1BS

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52 Wilton Way, Dalston, East London, E8 1BS
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10 / 10

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