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Pique-Nique | Amazing French Cooking in Bermondsey

You can lose your beret at the drop of a hat.

But thankfully, the folks at Bermondsey’s Casse-Croute have maintained their delicious Frenchness with their followup, Pique Nique.

Set right across the street from their debut venue, the space itself is really quite impressive, with a huge vaulted ceiling giving you a view directly up into the church-like rafters, resplendent with black beams on white plaster hanging directly over the long open kitchen. It’s here you’ll find,


Breakfasts with freshly baked chaussons aux pommes (like an apple turnover, but French, and hot) and kouglof (an Alsatian bunt cake), as well as brunchables including good ol’ croquet monsieur’s, tartine’s and French omelettes… but it’s the dinner options that really stand out, because that’s when they activate,


Yes, they’re slinging rotisserie meats, the centrepiece of which is Poulet de Bresse – a special breed of chicken raised in eastern France that’s been called “the king of poultry, the poultry of kings”. It has the reputation of being the best quality table chicken in the world. So, not too shabby. After that, there’s also a rundown of traditional boeuf en croute, croquettes, chocolate soufflé, and more.

And yes, there is a lot of very good French wine.

It deserves a tip of the hat.


NOTE: Pique-Nique is open for lunch and dinner, Monday-Friday; and breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Saturday and Sunday. You can check out their website right HERE, or book a table on 020 7403 9549.

Pique-Nique | 32 Tanner St, SE1 3LD

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32 Tanner Street, Bermondsey, South London, SE1 3LD
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