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Prawn On The Lawn

Prawn On The Lawn | Seafood Bar For Laidback Romance

You know that cosy, candlelit, unsuspectingly romantic seafood restaurant you’ve always wanted to stumble upon whilst walking the cobbled ocean-side streets of a small coastal English town?

Well, Prawn On The Lawn is that place. In Padstow.

But also –

1) It’s in Islington, too. Meaning that you now don’t need to leave to London in order to enjoy same-day, fresh seafood in an intimate, small town setting.

2) It’s also a fishmonger. Meaning that the menu changes each day (depending on which fish is the freshest), and that – if you’d like to – you’re also able to take away your very own, professionally-seasoned and garnished seafood for home cooking later.

3) There are two levels to Prawn On The Lawn. The upstairs shopfront and open kitchen where you’ll sit around old oak barrels and a copper wall-side bar while the chefs, with your assistance, select your preferred lobster, Padstow crab, oysters, caviar, fish and king prawns from iced beds of seafood before plating it up on traditional copper weighing scales. And there’s the private dining room downstairs, in what used to be a butcher’s meat fridge.

prawn on the lawn

Steven Joyce

4) It looks good. Because in addition to its polished slate floors, marble and copper table tops, and candle holders exploding with remnant wax, the owners have had to pull back three layers of tiles laid over 100 years to reach the original early 1900s butchery mosaic.

5) Prawn On The Lawn’s menu is strongly Asian-influenced. Meaning that (depending on that morning’s catch) you can expect to be eating things like seared tuna with soy, mirin, spring onion & chilli, or a fresh whole Padstow lobster on ice.

6) There are cocktails. And beers. And a wine list devised by some of London’s finest seafood-pairing sommeliers which regularly changes alongside the dishes…

But is always delicious.


NOTE: Prawn On The Lawn is open Wed-Sun for lunch & dinner. You can reserve a table on their website HERE.

Prawn On The Lawn | 292-294 St Paul’s Road, N1 2LH

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Prawn On The Lawn

220 St. Paul's Road, Islington, North London, N1 2LY

020 3302 8668

8.5 | Great