One of Boston's Most Revered Lobster Bars is Coming to London

Once upon a time, eating lobsters was a sign of poverty.

They were fed to prisoners. They were used as fertiliser. It got so bad that maids & servants in 19th century Boston would have it specifically written into their contracts that they weren’t to have it more than three times a week.

Things have changed just a touch.

Now, we’re about to get an international outpost of one of Boston’s most revered lobster spots, the Saltie Girl Seafood Bar, and it’s going to be in Mayfair. It’s going to have esteemed neighbours like BiBi and Le Gavroche. And it’s certainly not going to be prison food.

Saltie Girl Lobster Roll

That’s beurre blanc, by the way

The space they’ve secured is a spacious former Italian spot fronted by a huge, floor-to-ceiling window checkerboarded with small-pane glass. It’s got bags of potential. And, if the New England-chic decor of the Transatlantic branches is anything to go by, it’ll look extremely pretty by the time they’re done with it.

The menu itself is currently still under construction, but they’ve taken the courtesy of listing their specialities on an Insta post, so we can expect “Tins, oysters, lobster, seafood, fresh fish, smoked, potted, poached, fried sautéed, and raw” dishes. What does that mean? Well, we’re guaranteed those lobster rolls (sold by the ounce in the US), we can almost certainly expect the likes of their fried lobster & waffles, and their snow crab toast with avocado & stracciatella, and we might be in for a treat with their giant New England Lobster Boils complete with heaps of corn & potatoes. They do a good line in tinned seafood too.

Another cast iron guarantee is the presence of cocktails. Over in Boston, they’re shaking up numbers like the Pineapple, which blends vodka with lemongrass and citrus soda, and goes well with pretty much all seafood, lobster included.

And, by coincidence, they make it behind bars.


NOTE: Saltie Girl Seafood Bar is set to open later this year. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can get a taste of what they do at the website right HERE.

Saltie Girl Seafood Bar | 15 N Audley St, W1K 6WW

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Saltie Girl Seafood Bar

15 N Audley St, Mayfair, W1K 6WW

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