Sarap | Six Months of Fine Filipino food in Brixton Village

Published 03/02/20


Sarap | Excellent Filipino food in Brixton

The Phillipines consists of 7,641 islands scattered across the Western Pacific Ocean.

And they’ve just added another one.

In Brixton Village.

Welcome to Sarap. It’s going to be here for at least six months, and it comes courtesy of chef Budgie Montoya, whose many residencies under the Sarap banner across the capital over the past couple of years have impressed a great many people.

In fact, this residency itself is the result of wining a competition thanks to Sarap’s amazing food. It was a program run by Brixton Kitchen to discover new chef talent, and it was judged by none other than Jackson Boxer (who launched Orasay and St Leonard’s); James Cochran (the legendary chef behind 12:51); and Claire Ptak (she baked the wedding cake for a pair of rando civilians named Harry & Megan).

Basically, it’s good food.


The space is understandably small – it’s a competition prize after all – with a kind of white-walled minimalism that seems to be a functional necessity rather than an aesthetic design choice. There’s an open kitchen hemmed in by huge jars of pickles & ferments, and there are pictures of chef Montoya dangling down from the double-height ceiling, too. Because why not.

The menu is a warm slice of tropical sun, with standout dishes like slow-roasted Lechon Liempo pork belly – it’s rolled & stuffed with lemongrass, ginger, garlic, chilli, coconut vinegar and soy sauce, and it has a gorgeously glassy, brittle crackling. Buttressing it are the likes of Dynamite Lumpia (spring rolls with whole red chillis & mushrooms); jackfruit & potato adobo; and fried chicken in banana ketchup.

You can finish it all with a subtly sweet cassava tart, and wash everything down with an extra-strong Filipino Red Horse beer, or – if you’re feeling frisky – a cocktail of Don Papa’s Ice Tea which blends Filipino rum with Filipino kombucha.

And that’s Sarap.


NOTE: Sarap is open for dinner Tuesday-Saturday, plus lunch on weekends. You can find out more, and book, at their website right HERE.

Sarap | 14D Market Row, Brixton, SW9 8LB

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14D Market Row, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW9 8LB
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