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Workshop | A Unique Coffee Shop in London

Like many others, you most probably acquired your taste for coffee during your last couple of years at school, or when you got to university.

Either way, there were exams involved.

You drank coffee to get you going in the morning, to give you a mid-day jolt, and to keep you going at night.  It had a purpose, one that it most likely still continues to serve today: waking you up.

Surprisingly however, it appears that coffee – like wine – can be appreciated for qualities other than its simple ability to positively alter your mental state.  An increasingly refined culture has popped up within certain coffee shops in and around London. A concerted effort to encourage Londoners to think about the coffee that they’re drinking, is being lead by the small (and largely Australian) group that previously launched the St.Ali coffee shop and restaurant in Clerkenwell.

Their latest addition to the choice of coffee shops in London comes in the form of Workshop, just a stone’s throw from Bond St tube.

Notably lacking any frills (or food, beyond a small selection of pastries), the intimate space is all about the coffee.

While you can just pop in to grab a cappuccino to go, the main attraction is the lab’s “brewstation” – a small bar area showcasing 3 different types of coffee-brewing equipment (all of which you can buy on site).  You can pull up a stool, select a coffee from the ever-changing bar menu, and take a crash course in the art of coffee-making from the unreservedly passionate and flat-capped barista standing behind the bar.

You’re a connoisseur of so much already, but there’s definitely room for another string on that bow.

You know what’s close to Workshop? MEAT LIQUOR


75 Wigmore Street, Marylebone, Clerkenwell, Central London, W1U 1QD


7.5 / 10

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