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Smoke & Salt

Smoke & Salt


Get an eyeful of Smoke & Salt.

You’ll love it. Trust us.

Because not only do they make some of the handsomest plates of food in the city, but they now have their very own beautiful looking space to serve them in. Having more than proved themselves on the popup circuit (running sell-out residencies at Chapel Bar in Islington, Platform 1 in East Dulwich, etc.) they’ve made the permanent move to POP Brixton, refitting an old shipping container in their own style.

That style takes the ethos behind the food – mixing tradition and modernity in equal measure – and pours it into marble countertops, bulkhead ship lights, and dark-varnished wood walls that are designed to absorb sound (so as to keep the atmosphere as intimate and cozy as possible).

The pair behind the whole operation are Remi Williams & Aaron Webster, who between them are the co-owners, head chefs, managers, and barkeepers. For only two people, there are quite a few of them. And when they’re wearing their chef’s hats, they prepare modern-stile food using very old-fashioned techniques (hence Smoke & Salt; two very well-preserved ways of keeping food very well-preserved). Just what does that mean? Well…


Take their chicken leg with truffle ponzu & daikon slaw, for example – the chicken is grilled, yes. But before that, it’s brined for four hours using an old Scaniaidvian method, before being sous-vide-ed, and finally scorched over wood. Then there are the vegetables like the asparagus with whey & ricotta which are primed for cooking by adding exactly 1% of their weight in salt to keep them crisp & vibrant. Other dishes include pork belly with broccoli, pumpkin seeds, and London honey; or Chalkstream trout with house-made tacos, jalapeño, and white onion salsa. And you can finish it all with a London Mess made with London honey & rose labneh.


Because the two show-runners are doing literally everything, they’ve decided to keep the drinks list small. As in one bottle of red, one bottle of white (both from a Portuguese small-batch producer), one lager/pale ale (from Dalston’s 40ft Brewing; also based in a shipping container), and just three cocktails, small. But given that those cocktails include a Boston Sour with sorrel, a Bloody Mary with kimchi, and a G&T with compressed cucumber…

…they’re more than meets the eye.

NOTE: Smoke & Salt is on soft launch at just £20 per head for a full menu tasting and 25% off drinks (dinner only) on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of June. Bookings can be made via the links on the dates – and don’t worry, there will also be a few tables kept back for walk-ins.

OTHER NOTE: Some & Salt will be fully open to the public on the 19th of June – the booking line can be reached on 07421 327 556, or simply by visiting their website HERE.

Smoke & Salt | POP Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, SW9 8PQ

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Smoke & Salt

49 Brixton Station Road, Brixton, South London, SW9 8PQ



8.9 / 10

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