Social Eating House | Jason Atherton's Bistro-Style Cuisine

Social Eating House

Social Eating House

Social Eating House | Soho Restaurant

Teasingly nestled between Milk & Honey and Lucky Voice Karaoke in Soho (which is already a good start for anyone who enjoys playing “Let’s Have Fun”) lie two heavy, wooden doors.

Look above the door to the left, and you’ll spot an old street sign which says “Social Eating House”. It says that because this place used to be a house, now it’s used for eating, and it’s for sociable people. Like you.

Most of the time.

Walk under the sign and you’ll be greeted by Jason “Pollen St Social” Atherton’s latest creation: a dimly lit beehive of bistro-esque activity, where wooden booths, copper-topped tables and leather banquettes are industrially cocooned by exposed brickwork and battered walls. Here a team of chefs led by Paul Hood – who you can watch hard at work by bagsying a stool at the “Employees Only” dining bar overlooking the vast basement kitchen – are serving up English bistro-style fare with a few international twists…

But as you’re still thinking about that other door, let’s go outside again.

The first thing you’ll see on returning to the street is a rusty ‘OPTICIANS’ sign hanging above where the door on the right should be… but isn’t. Because this door’s set back from the street, having been sneakily hidden at the rear of a shadowy concrete enclave before then being lovingly adorned with the blindfolded head of a golden pig.

Enter, climb the stairs, and you’ll emerge into the Social Eating House’s first floor bar: a world of dark brown leather and concrete; of pork sliders and chipirones; of blues, barmen in braces and cocktails like the Cereal Killer, the Japanese Slipper and We Speak No Americano.

Now open, Social Eating House is taking reservations for both the restaurant and the bar, and is open each day from 12pm-12am.

And, um, Lucky Voice is open ‘til 3am at weekends.

Just saying.


NOTE: Social Eating House is now open. You can book by either emailing, calling 020 7993 3251 or online right HERE.

Social Eating House | 58/59 Poland Street, Soho, London W1F 7NR

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Social Eating House

58/59 Poland Street, Soho, Central London, W1F 7NR


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