Stem + Glory | Award-Winning Vegan Restaurant Set To Come To London

An Award-Winning Vegan Spot Comes To London

Stem + Glory

Stem + Glory | Vegan Restaurant

Last Updated: 8th January 2019

Stem + Glory is an award-winning, plant-based restaurant in Cambridge…

… that’s about to put down roots in London.

In a move that’s becoming increasingly popular in the somewhat impenetrable London restaurant scene, the eatery’s successfully crowdfunded its way to a third branch, opening in Barbican next week. And to say people are ready for it is an understatement – within a mere 6 hours of opening the page to the public, they smashed their target.

Stem + Glory vegan restaurant

The two existing Stem + Glory spots in Cambridge are entirely vegan, from breakfast dishes like scrambled tofu on toast and banana bread with hot cinnamon syrup; to the Asian and Middle-Eastern influenced mains for lunch and dinner, including kimchi pancakes with baby spinach and spring-onions; aubergine tabbouleh with pomegranate and ginger cashew cream; and Kerala cauliflower and coconut curry. Unsurprisingly, they make for a pretty popular brunch spot, but they open for occasional evenings, too, with seven-course tasting menus on offer.

Drinks, unsurprisingly, sit on the healthy side too, with kombucha, raw cacao lattes and turmeric smoothies with coconut keffir all making an appearance – but they’ve got a well-stocked vegan bar with beer, wine and cocktails on the go, too.

So you won’t need to uproot for something a bit stronger.


NOTE: Stem + Glory will be opening in Barbican on 14th January – we’ll be back with the full scoop when they do, but in the meantime you can follow their website HERE, and sign up for 20% off your first meal.

Stem + Glory | 60 Bartholomew’s Close, EC1A 7BN

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Stem + Glory

60 Bartholomew’s Close, Barbican, East London, EC1A 7BN


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