Stoney Street

After absolutely mastering the world of porridge, the people behind 26 Grains decided to turn their attentions to something a little more solid.

And there isn’t a much more appropriate place than Stoney Street.

Mostly, because it literally carves a path through Borough Market. It’s near the top that you’ll find this bright all-day restaurant (a little bit down from BAO). Inside, it all feels very casual and welcoming, with everything stripped back to the essentials, from the brushed concrete floor, to the simple marble table tops (lit by candles every evening). And, tables aside, you’ve also got the choice of two countertops to dine from – one overlooking the kitchen, and the other giving you a view of the market.

Breakfast offerings include a wealth of pastries, plus the likes of housemade einkorn-flour soda bread (apparently, it’s a type of wheat that’s refined unchanged for 12,000 years) topped with some smoked salmon & shallot crème fraîche; or a roast Kuri squash galette with Colston Bassett Stilton. Of course, you can also get their famous porridge, which has a mere six different grains, plus rhubarb and rose yoghurt cream.

Lunchables & dinner goods take the form of small plates with head chef Harriet Inman putting together the likes of piles of creamy kohlrabi with apple, crab, Brussels sprouts, cornichons, and lemon mayonnaise; or a rich, warm London raclette salad with kale, red cabbage, pickled fennel, pear, hazelnuts, honey malt crumbs, thyme, and an orange buttermilk dressing.

And going into main-course territory, there’s a sizeable plate of ravishing grilled mackerel served with an ingenious rhubarb & ginger pickle; or some glorious hunks of bavette steak with little baby kaletti, some zesty blood orange, and an anchovy butter. And despite the tough competition, it may not be too much to say that they’re saving the vest for last: there’s an exquisite Pump Street chocolate mousse with frozen white chocolate, and a pistachio and olive oil shard.

Of course, having two bars means at least one of them serves booze, and you’ll find five reds, five whites, and an orange wine on offer, plus botanical cocktails like a Bergamot Sour, or a Hibiscus Margarita. And if you want anything else, well…

..the Market’s just a stone’s throw away.


NOTE: Stoney Street by 26 Grains does not take any bookings, but you can find out more HERE.

Stoney Street by 26 Grains | 2-3 Stoney Street, SE1 9AA

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Stoney Street

2-3 Stoney Street, Borough , SE1 9AA
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