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Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story has added a new chapter.

As the legend goes, back in 2013, a fresh-faced Tom Sellers got the keys to his first restaurant just off Tower Bridge. He was just twenty six. And it was a former toilet block. The odds weren’t stacked in his favour. But after it opened, toilet block or not, nobody was taking the piss. Because it was – and still is – sensationally good.

Two Michelin Stars and ten years later, and they’ve finally decided it was time to have a top-to-bottom refurb. In fact, they’ve added a whole second floor with its own little lounge area equipped with a cosy fireplace, all overlooking the restaurant garden. And, after pushing through the velvet curtain at the entrance, this is where you might decide to start your meal, with a small bite and a drink. Or, you may want to dive straight into the main event.

restaurant story dish

Head to your table, and you’re met with an ambiance that’s high-end with a shade of edginess, featuring concrete floors and a touch of whimsy thanks to silk birds adorning the ceiling. The stone corner kitchen is surrounded by a myriad of house-made preserves like pickled carrots, langoustine oil, and fermented lemon oil. In the centre of the dining room, a marble & gold trolley patiently waits, with both a duck press and flambé setup, ready for the day they get a spot on the menu.

And as for the menu? Well, as usual, you won’t get one. Because as usual, it’s a tasting menu only experience. The staff will simply ask you about your preferences and requirements, then take it from there, whisking you away on a journey of delicately composed & point-perfect dishes. It says nine courses, but when you break it down, you’re indulging in 15 different culinary creations. They change literally each day, but some of the highlights for us included the classic beef dripping candle that slowly melts into a rich oil that you soak up with freshly made brioche, and the exquisite pumpkin agnolotti heaped with truffle shaved at the table.

restaurant story lounge

And while everything is absolutely delicious, it’s the personal touches that truly set Restaurant Story apart. From ‘Storeos’ (a playful nod to Tom’s childhood favourite snack), to ‘half time oranges’ (which literally come half way through the menu) reminiscent of his sports-playing days, each detail weaves into Tom’s personal narrative. In fact, as the finale you’ll be presented with an array of sweets that include fudge, macadamia nut truffles, and little marmalade sandwiches which were inspired when Tom saw an ad for Paddington on a big red bus passing by the restaurant. All told, they make for a charming end to the meal.

Of course, the real finale is the bill which – at £250 per person, with wine pairings ranging from £125 to £175 – is a rather sizeable investment in a culinary journey. But as journeys go, it’s one you’re unlikely to forget for a long while.

That’s just how the Story goes.


NOTE: Restaurant Story is open now, Tuesday to Saturday. You can find out more HERE.

Restaurant Story | 199 Tooley Street, SE1 2JX

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Restaurant Story

199 Tooley Street, London Bridge, South London, SE1 2JX

0207 183 2117

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