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Jason Allen 28/12/22


Sucre London | Glamorous Argentinian Restaurant & Bar

Ever since it opened in Buenos Aires back in 2001, Sucre has wandered in and out of the World’s 50 Best Latin American list, pocketing dozens of other accolades along the way.

And at last, it’s wandered in our direction, because two of the biggest big dogs of Argentina’s drinking & dining scene – chef Fernando Trocca & cocktail man Renato “Tato” Giovannoni – have opened an outpost in the form of Sucre London.

Sucre London

They’ve taken over the the 310-year old building that was the London College of Music in Soho, which was already a huge and remarkably beautiful space to begin with. Probably something to do with acoustics. But either way, that lily has then been further gilded with chandeliers made from over a thousand cut glass decanters, and elegant leather seating backed by mismatched Latin American textile patterns. It’s what other London date spots dream about.

To avoid the show runners stepping on each-other’s toes, it’s all been divided up into two distinct areas – a restaurant up top (Sucre) and a cocktail joint down below (Alma), which has its own entrance & menu. So let’s start, as you likely will, with the restaurant…



Sucre London has essentially been built around the kitchen, which has both a dramatic open fire pit, and a wood fired oven, all of which which sits at one end of the main dining area, as if overseeing everything.

Freshly scorched over that charcoal fire pit, you can expect hearty monkfish tails draped in XO sauce and black beans, or juicy Iberico pork matambre (it’s like a stuffed steak); while out of the wood oven there’s tender lamb shoulder with romaine lettuce & preserved lemon, and a fragrant black fideuà (an Argentinean rice dish) with squid and paprika. Going alongside all of this, there’s everything from scallops with jalapeño, to roasted hispi cabbage & blue cheese, to fish stew with black garlic.


Then there’s the cocktail bar below it all, Alma (meaning soul). Here you can get an all-new cocktail list from Nightjar’s Tony Pescatori, with the likes of the Asian-style Clay (whisky, baijiu, green Szechuan, umeboshi, preserved plum) and the Kunama, which blends a flavourful agricole rum with Ethiopia Women’s Bulessa Cold Brew Coffee and some Ethiopian Korekima spice. And of course there’s food too, which – like the decadent decor – takes its lead from the restaurant above. We’re talking empanadas, tostadas, and little sandwiches of pork belly & spiced pineapple.

They’re good for the soul.


NOTE: Sucre is open daily for lunch and dinner; Alma is open Tues-Sat, 5pm-1am. You can find out more, and make a booking at their website right HERE, or HERE for Alma.

Sucre London | 47 Great Marlborough Street, W1F 7JP

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47 Great Marlborough Street, Soho, W1F 7JP

020 3988 3329

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